Landrover - Rack

Land Rover LR3 & LR4 (2005-2015)Standard Rack

The design of this roof rack follows the contours of the Land Rover III (LR3) & IV (LR4) making the vehicle look tough and ready for any adventure. Includes handy front basket and notch in the rear of the rack to accommodate the shark fin antenna. Allows full use of the sunroof. And only adds a total of 7 1/2" to the height of your vehicle. For the installation of this rack in the front of the vehicle two hidden factory mount points are use and for the back we now offer 2 different racks for vehicles with factory back rails (BR-LR34-0) and without back rails (BR-LR34RR-0) . This 1-piece rack is made from cold-rolled, nickel steel tubing with zinc primer epoxy undercoating, and durable black powder coat. All mounting brackets, stainless steel hardware, and aluminum wind deflectors included. No drilling required

Frame:1” (25.4mm), ¾” (19.05mm)  and 1/2’”(12.7mm)  Steel tubing
Wind Deflector:
.062” (1.57mm), 5050-H32 Aluminum
Finish: Epoxy primer (rust inhibitor) with black powder coating
Rack weight:
 100 Lb (45.5Kg).
Weight Capacity:
600Lb (272 kg)
Measurements outside Frame: 50”(1270 mm) Wide x 92” (2336.8 mm) Long x 5” (127mm) tall
Mounting method:Roof Rail Mounts (4 brackets) and Roof Mount (2 brackets).
Mounting method BR-LR34RR-0: Rear Roof Rails (1 Passenger , 1 Driver side) and Front Roof Mount (2 brackets)

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BR-LR34-0(For vehicles with rear factory rails) Price: $950.00

BR-LR34RR-0  (For vehicles with NO rear factory rails) Price: $1,100.00

Accesories for: BR-LR34-0 & BR-LR34RR-0

No Name

Axe & Shovel mount for 5" tall rack
Finish: Zinc primer with
black powder coating.
(2 pieces per kit).

Price: $80.00

No Name

LR3 & LR4 Fuel Can Holder for two 5 Gal cans

Finish Zinc primer with black powder coating.
(Fuel can dimensions 
13.75”x 6.75”x 18.75”)

Price: $120.00


Hi-Lift mount for 5" tall racks.
Finish: Zinc primer with black powder coating.
(2 pieces per kit).

Price: $75.00